DirectSound Control
"The way it's meant to sound..."

Version History

What is DirectSound Control  :

DirectSound Control (DSC) is a wrapper DLL which allows to tweak some function calls of games to Microsoft DirectSound (part of DirectX). It's NOT a replacement for DirectSound or any game sound engine. DSC allows to "work around" some driver- and application limitations and bugs. DSC can help you to enable 3D sound with games that disables this functionality by default. It can enhance the sound quality in many ways.
The functionality DSC provides is meant for users with deeper understanding of the programming of the DirectSound API. See the FAQ  for solutions of some common problems with games.
Developers can use a special enhanced version of DSC to log all calls to the DirectSound DLL functions and interface methods. This version has been developed to help you to debug your application that uses DirectSound or to track down bugs in the implementation of 3D positional audio in games.

News :

April 6, 2005 :
Added game configuration for the game "LEGO Star Wars - The Video Game" to the download section.

April 5, 2005 :
Version 1.7 of DirectSound Control has been released. New in this version is the workaround for the stopping sound problem in Doom 3 with certain Creative Labs Audigy (2/ZS) drivers. Download the new version and the updated configuration file in the download section.
FAQ has been updated.